That's where I met the girl of my dreams.  I was backpacking in Northern Thailand. One special day had me as the comfort of a terrified stranger on an elephant ride.  After making Nuit's acquaintance I found her to be a kind, hard working nurse at the local hospital and, wow, could she cook! The flavours that came out of her little kitchen were extraordinary.

Fast forward a couple of years and we open a cozy little restaurant in Pai, Thailand, called the Curry Shack. Nuit would come in to cook dinner every night after her shift at the hospital.

Everything was prepared to the finest detail as she infused her meticulous nursing habits and knowledge of health to her cooking, creating her own unique style.  It was a hit with travellers as well as the Thai locals.  People just couldn't help but notice the enthusiasm of the local nurse who finally got the chance to showcase her incredible cooking skills.

"Plus the food was just awesome!"

I finally snatched her off the 'singles' list in 2004 and Nuit came with me back to Canada.  By 2008, with the much needed help from family and true friends, we opened Sukhothai.  Our goal was simple:  Make real Thai food; recreate the exact experience we had back in Thailand. The results? Better than we ever imagined. Flattering reviews from customers and the local media have lead to a family of restaurants that includes Sabai Sabai, Kiin our home, PAI Northern Thai Kitchen. I always knew that Nuit was special in the kitchen, but never expected such a great response. Blessed with talented and hard working staff who share that passion to make great food, Nuit and I invite you to experience a taste of Thailand.



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